05.16.22 -- /name/

Baatchoy is simply the name

that my ma gave me as a kid.

It was her way of calling me a fat baby. 

It really stuck with me & I resonate wit it

She still calls me this name to this day.

- baatchoy.



- baatchoy.

05.15.22 -- LAVA






I ain't the biggest astrology person in the world, but I do see it's value fr. Just like everything else, you can go as deep into astrology as you like and the rabbit hole IS deep. Being close friends with people who are into astrology, it was easy to ask questions about it. So yeah, I knew my 'top 3' and I also found out about my natal chart. 


Way I see it, astrology a tool that help people navigate their life and self-identity. Kinda like having a faith or religion I guess (?)


Becomes different conversation when people weaponize it though, or even when people find absolutes in it. I aint into it like that. But it is interesting though. My top 3 contains water, earth and fire elements (cancer, virgo, aries)


The way I look at it: that's shit is pretty much lava to me. Lava is just really really hot rocks that melted into liquid. Fire'y earthy liquid.


I love lava.


Honestly very accurate to how I feel everyday.

- baatchoy.


05.15.22 -- JOURNAL STARTS

hey ya'll!


so this is definitely gonna be a new thing for me. I've always been a journal-type person. I decided that I'm going to *try* to do digital entries here on my website as frequently as possible. Weekly is definitely the goal.

ngl these posts are going to range from "entry-type" thoughts like this, to poems I've written, maybe memes, and maybe even tutorials.


Ultimately, my goal here is to have a personal digital footprint where I feel like no matter where I am or how long its been, this is a cool look-back at what I've done. I already have 5 different journals; all having different purposes but this journal here is going to be a new thing in-the-making.

Anyways that's it for now,

Until next time,


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