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photograph by Divina Gracia

Sonic architect & producer,

Mark Kent Navarro utilizes his musical arsenal to create worlds.

Wielding his background knowledge & experience in rock, jazz, experimental, classical, bossa-nova, hip-hop, R&B, math-rock, post-rock, ambient and electronic music; he takes extra thought & time to hone-in on details for the many artists

he has worked in collaboration with.

His skill is only matched by his drive to innovate grow.

As his own artist, Mark explores to blur the boundaries of the aforementioned genres which has greatly influenced him throughout his life. 

From learning how to play music from his grandma at an early age to eventually going to school briefly for music; his ultimate philosophy in making music is in lineage with the great artists that inspire him; few such as Stevie Wonder, Brian Eno, Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Joan Miro. The best art can feel like  it communicated with you on a deeper level.  If you felt it, then it worked.

illustration portrait by Angel Eris©

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